Thickening Tonic 150ml

  • What is it
    This unique gel to liquid, builds thickness and definition, for big matt styles with hold.
    What does it do
    A cashmere texture spray that gives definition, volume as well as bringing a textured matt look to any hair type.
    Who is it for
    Flat or even limp hair that is craving the ultimate volume and texture boost.
    How to use it Shake the bottle and spritz into wet or dry hair, gradually building more layers for desired texture effect and hold.
  • Infused with hydrolysed Keratin from Cashmere Wool, builds fabric-like, immense texture.
  • range incorporates an exclusive eleMENts complex of unique hair-building botanicals to help soothe scalp, restore hair vitality and support healthy hair growth.
    Formulated with the innovative Micronization technology ensuring higher ingredient concentration for maximum penetration, the products are designed to deliver optimum performance and instant results. 

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