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We Are Two Stories // Gaya & Reiner

We Are Two Stories // Gaya & Reiner

We're excited to present to you 'We Are Two Stories' - a celebration of relationships. Over the next two months, we will be sharing inspiring stories from all kinds of people, in all kinds of relationships - from husband and wife to best friends through to a dreaded haired dude and his pure love for surfing.
We kick off our #WEARETWO Stories series with a beautiful husband and wife duo from Dubai, Gaya and Reiner. We invite you behind the scenes to celebrate their love and collaboration with label.m’s global #WEARETWO campaign.

Gaya is an India-born, Dubai-bred Singer/Songwriter, Filmmaker and Vlogger. Music is where Gaya got her start creating anthemic, highly eclectic, but deeply personal music. Her debut album ‘The Unknown’ was crowdfunded and raised over $23,000 in 10 days.

One of the highest rated unsigned artists to date by Rolling Stone; Gaya has the ability to produce smart, bittersweet, melodic pop songs with the kind of catchy hooks that stay with you, as does her voice – Gaya is widely considered
one of the best singers in the UAE, not just for her technical ability, but also her emotional delivery.

Gaya's one of a kind creativity is matched perfectly only by her award-wining composer husband, Reiner.
Gaya and Reiner recently celebrated 5 years of marriage. Reiner creates music for film, tv, digital and broadcast projects and is now a key producer for many of Gaya’s works. Their relationship is a real show of true love and mutual admiration.

Two is better than one. So proves Label.m’s #WEARETWO campaign, the work of dream duos of products and dream couples. A global celebration that's all about Cultural Diversity, Unity, Equality, Individuality and Partnerships!

Label.m proudly showcases the versatility of our product range, where each look can be recreated in salon or at home with the ultimate pairing of just TWO label.m products.

Because together... WEARETWO

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